Keurig Green Mountain

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Keurig Green Mountain

Christian Derderian
Nick Fazzolari
Miguel Jimenez
Anastasia Zavgorodni
Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Industry Economic and Value Chain Analysis
A. Company Competitors
B. Value Chain Analysis
C. Firm’s Market Share
D. Industry-wide Technological Developments
E. Economic Analysis
F. Firm’s Business Strategy
III. Financial Analysis of the Firm
A. Assess Short-term Liquidity
B. Critique of Capital Structure and Long-term Solvency Issues
C. Firm’s Asset Utilization
D. Firm’s Operating Performance
E. Meaningful Ratios
IV. Executive Summary
A. Summary Interpretation
B. Z-Score
C. Conclusion
V. Appendix
A. Financial Statements
B. Common Size Statements

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Consumption/Use Brewing a K-Cup pack require energy and water. However, when it comes to limiting coffee waste, single-cup brewing may minimize negative value chain impacts. About 12-15% of brewed coffee is thrown away without being served, wasting resources used from cultivation to brewing. Step 7. End of Life Once a K-Cup pack is used, the packaging and grounds must be disposed of. Programs are offered to help customers responsibly dispose of current products. C. Market Share
Keurig Green Mountain Inc. is classified within two industries – the mammoth consumer goods industry for coffeemakers, and the Processed & Packaged Goods Industry for their coffee products.
Keurig Green Mountain has less than a 1% market share in the consumer goods industry (.0007%). Keurig Green Mountain has a much more substantial 7.7413% market share in the Processed & Packaged Goods Industry.
D. Industry-wide Technological Developments
In recent years, the primary growth in the coffee industry has come from the specialty coffee category, driven by the wider availability of high quality coffee, the emergence of upscale coffee shops throughout the country, and the general level of consumer appreciation for coffee quality . The single-cup brewing Keurig-patented technology has been a development in the specialty coffee industry that has