Business Model and Strategic Plan Part 1

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Business Model and Strategic Plan Part I

April 28, 2015

Business Model and Strategic Plan Part I
Anheuser-Busch InBev is the name of the leading global brewer. The company has a “portfolio of more than 200 beer brands, including three global flagship beers: Budweiser, Stella Artois and Beck’s” (“Anheuser-Busch”, 2015). Budweiser is an American style lager and was introduced in 1876 by Adolphus Busch. Adolphus Busch wanted to create the United States first national beer brand. Budweiser became universally popular and has exceeded regional tastes. Budweiser is known as the “King of Beer”. Budweiser is brewed using a “blend of imported and classic American aroma and bittering hops, and a mixture of barley malts and rice,
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Budweiser will need to have their name plastered all over the internet and also in the places that their target audience will drink, dine, and shop. Budweiser will also offer promotions and discounts to existing and new customers.
Vision & Mission
A business mission statement communicates the company’s core ideology and visionary goals. This statement consists of several components namely core values, core purpose and visionary goals. Mission statement is important in a business because it takes control of your business and accepts responsibility for their decisions they make. A business vision is basically a proactive approach towards business, and by formulating a vision for a successful business as well as relating it to the employees and the public. Budweiser’s mission is to connect all efforts with employees, consumers, retailers, law enforcement, elected officials, educators and other partners. Budweiser has taken ownership of Corporate Social Responsibility efforts by creating programs that enhance brand sponsorships. Budweiser works with wholesalers and reaches out to consumers with messages at a variety of beer drinking occasions including sports games, concerts, and many other events for the public.
Strategic Division
Every business needs a clearly defined set of values, a mission, and vision to reach goals that have been determined via their strategic plan. When goals,


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