Final Strategic Plan

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Final Strategic Plan
Janette Cruz
HCS 589
Gina Drake
September 29, 2014
Final Strategic Plan
There is a need to assist VA Hospitals around the nation. There has been a huge backlash from President Obama regarding the operations of the VA Hospitals. There have been several instances where veterans have died while waiting for their appointments at VA Hospitals. Also, public opinion regarding the operations of VA Hospitals and how useful they really are to veterans are being called into question. New programs aimed at assisting VA Hospitals with reducing the wait times of veterans as well as providing additional services would help build up the reputation of VA Hospitals as well as becoming a new source of revenue for hospitals.
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At the very top level, the organization has a board of directors followed by the chief executive officer” (Bass and Media, 2014, para 2).
The governing board has a lot of involvement in implementing strategic goals. The governing board sets the timeframe for employees to return pertinent materials so that the pertinent material can be given to Navigant Consulting, a consulting firm Marion General Hospital uses. The governing board meets with the management teams to inform them of the strategic goals and the strategic plan in place to meet these goals. The management team then meets with all employees to inform them of their roles in the strategic plan and any changes that are going to take place. Marion General Hospital uses their newsletters as a means to inform their employees of important dates and changes.
Marion General Hospital is located in Marion, IN which is between the two largest cities in Indiana, Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. The target market for the organization is the community that it is located in and the surrounding counties that are in close proximity to it. Marion General Hospital offers ambulatory services, anticoagulation clinic, cardiac rehabilitation, cardiovascular lab, congestive heart failure clinic, critical care, diabetes education, emergency department, family birthing center, hospitalist services, joint replacement center, laboratory, medical oncology at progressive


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