Bush Speech Analysis

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Purpose The purpose of George Bush’s speech is to justify his future military actions and to unite the Americans by appealing to their emotions. Bush used a variety of emotive language and stylistic devices to express his concern over the incident for the audience.

Content and Theme Firstly, Bush structured this speech is very small paragraphs. When he delivered the speech he speaks very slowly and never speaks more than 6 sentences at a time. Also, he pauses very often to allow the audience to clap for his speech. This gives an opportunity for the audience to give a very positive response to his campaign. Displaying the popularity and support George Bush has to the international community.
These short sentences delivers short and
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“Freedom and fear are at war. The advance of human freedom, the great achievement of our time and the great hope of every time, now depends on us.” George Bush cleverly involves the international community into the ‘war’ with terrorism. Al-Qaeda only attacked on American soil and they should have no intentions of attacking other countries in the world. However, Bush stated that Al-Qaeda is at war with freedom. This means that they are at war with any country allows freedom in their society. In other words, Al-Qaeda is at war with humanity itself. Bush describes freedom as ‘the greatest achievement of our time’ because the speech is targeted towards the global community. The word ‘our’ does not only apply to Americans, but also to every person living in this planet. He accuses the terrorists of destroying the ‘greatest achievement’. Thereby, evoking the anger of different people across the world towards these terrorists. This clever manipulation of words creates heroic image for America. Making it seemingly natural for America to invade into other countries territories for the sake of humanity. Eliminating any objections towards America’s future military actions.
Bush never segregated from American audience. He choses his subject in the sentences carefully to emphasize that he is sharing the same pain and grief as all other Americans citizens. In the speech, Bush carefully chose the subjects


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