CMNS 304 Notes

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Lecture 1
Signifier (sign or symbol)/Signified (what it means)
The logic of signs
If sign A = sign B and sign B = sign C
Then à A = C

Lecture 3
Effects they have on us

The Exorcist
Small frame is put into a slot (wanted to scare people in the audience without having them know what scared them)
Reveals techniques used on us that changes the way we feel

Citizen Kane 1939
Dying words “rosebud”
Journalists are searching for the reason why his dying words were rosebud
Content -> Processing -> Effect
(Kane Clip Example: Flashback from childhood, signed custody away to a lawyer, mother does not look happy- neutral, stepfather is against it- getting paid 50,000 $ a year and his perspective changes, boy is blissfully unaware
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What if you’re undecided?
False dichotomy (leaving out room in between between where we might be)
Obama Example*
Made to sound pretty, ideals not defined, left to the imagination. Complicated manipulation
Isms = Power of language -> hegemonic root
Christianism (exposes hidden agenda)
Marketplace of ideas “if it doesn’t meet the needs and interests, I wont accept the idea”
*Playboy example
- Gas and bombs are made to sound more serious
Gas = reference to gas chambers and exploits the denotation and connotation of language.
- Anti-Semitic? Creates boundary frame to avoid the question! SO, cannot resolve questions within the frame


Listening with our eyes and ears Martin Buber: (German philosopher)
Formalism in German language
In writing, you capitalize the Y for You
Mono means 1, Dia means “across”
Dialogue = giving maximum importance and attention to another speaker (hanging on to every word)

Carl Rogers: (Person Centered Psychotherapy; listens to client and acts as a reflector/mirror to what the person is trying to say. Able to state back to the patient what it is that they are saying “paraphrasing back to you in your own words In order to reassure them that you understand”) – Content, process, effect