The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Image of the Self

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Czarina Ann B. Baptisma

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Ma’am Odal-Devora
October 18, 2013
Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a coming-of-age novel about a 15-year-old boy, Charlie, who is unable to repress any emotions. The novel was first released on 1999 by MTV Books. It has quietly sold nearly half a million copies.1
Stephen Chbosky was born on January 25, 1970 and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He grew up in Upper St. Clair, and graduated from the University of Southern California's Filmic Writing Program in 1992, which is where he received his Bachelor of the Fine Arts degree. He is an American novelist, screenwriter and film director.
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Patrick was heartbroken causing him to constantly go out to places to pick up men, or to just drink. He drags Charlie along and at one point he even kisses him, and Charlie did nothing to stop him. Mary Elizabeth is in charge of the Rocky Horror Picture Show that her, Patrick, Craig, Sam, and a great amount of other people perform in, and of her school newspaper. She is Sam's best friend and she talks a lot. She went out with Charlie for a bit, but it doesn't work out. It becomes more of a one sided relationship, where Mary Elizabeth is doing all the talking, and Charlie is just there. He doesn't want to be with her anymore, and picks the worst way to express this to her. One night, while the group of friends was playing truth or dare, Patrick had dared Charlie to kiss the prettiest girl in the room. That's when Charlie got up, with Mary Elizabeth right next to him, walked over and kissed Sam. It was a messy ending. The last one is Bob, and he is the groups weed supplier. Charlie had his first experience with weed from him; he later begins smoking a great deal of it as well as cigarettes.
Charlie is the only freshmen of the group and it is clear he has some depression issues especially around Christmas time, when he remembers how his Aunt Helen passed away. She had gone out to buy Charlie a birthday gift as she does every year, but this time, she got hit by a car and died instantly. He is also a very bright freshman according to his English advance