Barriers to Critical Thinking

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Barriers to Critical Thinking
When thinking critically, it is impossible to say that many of us have not come to some kind of barrier in our thought process. Not to say that we cannot overcome them though. All of us have opinions and ideas on just about everything and anything. And those opinions and thoughts could be something that is ingrained in your very being or something you picked up along your path. Those opinions and ideas could be holding you back from thinking critically, even though you may not be aware of it. Though there are more barriers that inhibit critical thinking then I can count on my fingers and toes, some familiar and popular barriers one may face are egotistical thinking, self-serving bias, and of course, emotional
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Ultimately ending in that individual’s negative reaction, such as arguing with the parties involved in the conversation or even escalating to physical contact. Humans are volatile creatures and that is mostly based on our emotions and how we react to them. So if one is to be the best critical thinker they can be, they must put their emotions aside and reflect on what the person is saying. One should keep hurtful personal beliefs to themselves, because negativity is never productive. It can be hard at times to keep emotions at bay, but it is crucial to be empathetic to others emotions and find some kind of acceptance in their devotions. Even agreeing to disagree is a much better outcome then becoming an emotional thinker. I for one, have much experience as an emotional thinker and it has caused me nothing but anguish. I have since learned from my mistakes and improved my ability to calm my emotions and carry on an adult and mature conversation, without ruining it by having an emotional outburst due to my bias opinions on the matter at hand. It has made me a much better communicator, and allowed me to think much more clearly.
Again, there are so many other barriers we as individuals face when it comes to critical thinking, but the ego defense, self-serving bias, and emotions are the most familiar concepts that block our


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