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Inside the Little Mermaid by:Brandie Tittsworth Jm0300776

When I young, I liked to pretended I was Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I hopelessly dreamt of finding my prince charming. I sang and danced to the songs, and loved the thought of the castle in the ocean, or a secret cave with items from shipwrecks. Watching the same story later in life with my own children I can without a doubt say that Ariel could be a role model for not only me but my daughter also in the way she stays true to who she is. Her character is one of open-mindedness, strength and abundant love. Throughout her story, Ariel is faced with opposition and obstacles that force her to define
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She disobeys, and continues to be thrilled about new experiences. She doesn't try to hide that she loves the surface. She sat on a rock, in the shallows of the beach, and sang about her love for Eric. People like Ursula, who take advantage of people's desires for her own gain, feel that using the princess for her own personal gain will get her to take over the throne. When Ariel gives her voice to become human and try to get Eric to kiss her, Ursala sabotages her every step of the way. However, her few loyal sea creature friends help her along the way. Eventually leading to Eric defeating the monster and saving the King. Actually, there is a different way to live life, at least for Ariel. Unlike many women, Ariel is not one to be influenced by race, or differences. She is not shaken by her father's ideas of what she should be on how she should love. Instead of dreaming about being the mer princess, Ariel is more interested in enjoying life, and staying true to herself. She does not confine to liking what is "normal," just because everyone else does. She knows that Eric is her soul mate regardless of their differences. Another example of Aerial's passiveness towards appearance occurs with Ursala. While her first reaction to Ursula is terror, she fears her, the fear of not having legs and being with Eric is more suffocating. If she feared her, she would not have a chance to be