Synthesis Paper

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Synthesis Paper: Psyc 255 Research Methods Learned and Critiqued from A Biblical Perspective
Denise Beck
Liberty University

Synthesis Paper: Psyc 255 Research Methods Learned and Critiqued from A Biblical Perspective The goals of this course according to our syllabus were to introduce us to the techniques of psychological research, to improve our understanding of how research is done and the methods used to do it, and to give us the ability to communicate competently about the ideas behind the research process. This paper will use myself as a case study to examine what I have learned about research as it applies to the aforementioned goals. An examination of those techniques and the idea of research itself will then be laid
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The IACUC monitors and keeps researchers accountable for the humane treatment of animal research subjects (Cozby & Bates, 2012). A final ethical aspect of research to consider from this course is that of fraud and plagiarism. Falsifying your findings to appear to show a result that they do not is fraud. Peer reviewed work is an important part in preventing fraud. The findings must be replicable by others to ensure there was no fraud. Plagiarism occurs when others ideas are presented as your own. Using others findings is valuable, as long as credit is given.
Fundamental Research Issues and Measurement Concepts Once all considerations for the research participants have been considered, it’s time to turn to the research process itself. In research there are variables that change depending on the situation. Coming up with an operational definition of those variables ensures that all reading the research understand “the procedures used to measure or manipulate” them (Cozby & Bates, 2012, pg. 70). When there are more than one variable being observed, the researchers are concerned with how the variables relate to each other. Those relationships are defined as positive linear, negative linear, curvilinear, or no relationship. What you are looking for is how one variable reacts in the presence of the other (Cozby & Bates, 2012). There are two ways we can study the relationship between variables, through nonexperimental and


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