Comparison of Beowulf to Superman

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Heroes. From the timeless tale of Beowulf to the well-known chronicles of Superman, cultures all throughout the world have taken it upon themselves to weave a fabrication of a fantastic being, said being a hero of a sorts, that always makes it to defeat the bad guy and save the day. Even whence we as human beings always tend to have our political, social, economic and religious differences, at the end of the day we all have one thing in common that fills our dreams with hopes of the future, of safety, of a peaceful life; heroes. Helping to define who we are and what we want to be, giving us hope and inspire us to head in the right direction, showing us that good will always triumph over evil and that anything is possible if you set your …show more content…

Ramblings on both individuals aside, along with preferences and criticisms, it's blatantly clear to the naked eye what sets apart both men from regular human individuals; If not their loyal standing and their phenomenal strength, than for their heroic following and their bravery surpassing every man scaling the surface of this Earth. With their work and their heavy battles, whether it be against the terrifying Grendel or the cunningly evil Lex Luthor, both Beowulf and Superman stand for the lesser man and face their deaths with nary a flinch in their eye. They both enlighten us as human beings within their adventures and acts, and inspire us to give our all in attempts to climb to their level. Whether it be tossing spears and swinging swords or firing lasers and stopping trains with his bare hands, both martyrs embody the fragment: "…saves the day, again!"
In conclusion, a true hero isn't judged by a fancy title, a special outfit, or by how many evil doers they have slain. They aren't determined by the amount of money they reap, or by the fame that sets in after their name. A true hero is to be an inspiration for the lesser capable individuals surrounding them to become stronger, to become wiser, to become their own versions of a hero in itself. A true hero is unafraid of the outcome of their actions, for if they