Bad Influences of the Internet

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The ‘Internet’ is one of the most used search tool on the earth, used by majority of the world’s population for research, communication, conveniences, entertainment and much more. Over the years, cases in relation to negative transformation of human behaviors, where people are becoming emotionally depress, horrified, vulnerable, addicted through the internet has become a serious problem for many people around the world, including us.
Internet gaming is one of the most common problem of which many people around the globe are facing in their daily lives. Addiction, one of the serious problems with internet gaming have caused severe changes to their behavior and attitude to life. Majority of teenagers and
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Rachel North, who is leading a campaign pushing for a public inquiry into the London atrocities, of ‘making a living on the backs of the dead’ was a survivor of the July 7 bombings where she was subjected by a ‘cyber stalker’ with the name of Felicity Jane, who basically lead Mrs. North into hell, itself, fear of staying in the house alone, after once being raped by an anonymous person, receiving abuse and harassing text messages and much more. With this great fear, she had to resign her position while the stalker was still out there. This highlight the risks of exposing yourself through the internet, exposing too much over the internet, could lead to stalking, death and harassments, these all causes severe transformation of human behavior, from a normal jolly worker, into a horrified, vulnerable and depressed unemployed person, living in the house, not knowing what could happen to them.
Internet itself is not capable of making human depression or any other emotionally distressed. It’s the action that we make online or how we use the internet that results us to different consequences of which we must face in response to our actions. Those who are intelligent or careful, would never or avoid exposing themselves over the internet, therefore if you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you should not be doing it in the first place, may it


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