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September 22, 2003
To: Leslie Bickford
From: Diana Ferry Put your initials here!
RE: Proposal for Final Project
I request that you accept my topic for the Writing 465 final project. Hopefully, I will be able to use this project to help alleviate the current parking problem at Winthrop University. Jack Allen, from Campus Police, and Walter Hardin, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management, have shown interest in my project.
Winthrop University is a small public school with an enrollment of 5,065 undergraduate students (Fall 2002). Although there is a wonderful parking system
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My report will allow Chief Zebedis to choose the best number of reserved spaces and cost per reserved space to generate the best profit, while persuading both he and Winthrop University that the system is necessary and helpful.
I want my report to result in the establishment of a reserved parking system on campus, at Winthrop University. I want the option of reserved parking to be available to all students, faculty, and staff of the university. I want the parking on campus to be more efficient and the money gained from the reserved parking system to go towards the continual development of the university's parking system.
My report will be formatted according to the following outline:
I. Introduction
II. Establish a Need and Responsibility for a Summer Research Program
III. Detailed Discussion of Funding Sources
A. Amount
1. Winthrop University
2. Parking Decals
3. Money From Parking Violations
B. Probability of Receipt
1. Winthrop University
2. Parking Decals
3. Money From Parking Violations
IV. Detailed Discussion of Different Profit Margins
C. Different Numbers of Spaces
D. Different Prices of Spaces
E. Different Resulting Profits
V. Conclusions
VI. Recommendations
I have already met with Jack Allen and Walter Hardin to discuss some of the basic information concerning the feasibility of reserved parking on Winthrop University's campus. I will


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