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ACAP Student ID: 226155

Name: Louise Butler

Course: Diploma of Counselling CHC51712


Unit/Module: CHC8D31V Facilitate the Counselling Process

Educator: Jeff Taylor
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Client expectations, discussing client expectations will clarify what they hope to achieve and what they expect the counselling process to be like for them. Confidentiality, the client must be informed about their rights to privacy and the limitations of confidentiality. The client must be informed about the legal requirement of mandatory reporting.

4. Identify and explain two basic micro-skills of counselling and their purpose in facilitating client understanding.

Two basic micro-skills of counselling are attending and reflecting. Through the use of attending skills you can show your client that you care about them, that you believe in them and their capacity, to make changes concerning their problems and their life. Attending will create a rapport with the client, built by using the SOLER technique. Through the use of reflecting skills you can show your client that the feelings they have shared with you, have been heard and understood clearly. Reflecting is achieved by mirroring the client’s feelings, using both verbal and non-verbal communication.

5. Identify and briefly describe two client disclosures that would require immediate action on the counsellor’s part and what action you would take for each.

A threat to the community’s safety, such as a child who is at risk of harm. A threat to the safety of the client, such as self-harm. In the first case