Annotated Bibliography

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April 18th 2012
Pre AP English II Annotated Bibliography

Stone, A.. "Both sides on gay adoption cite concern for children." Usa today. Gannett Co. Inc., 2006. Web. 18 Apr 2012
The article is about a couple who is gay having to move in order for both gay parents to get custody of the adopted child. It talks about the statistics of foster care and the number of kids being adopted right now. The numbers are very low and even for gays, its extremely low. It also states that gays are some good candidates for adoption but not being bias towards either side. The author Andrea Stone, is very credible, having worked at AOL before joining USA Today for 24 years. Her education being the University of Ontario and she earned her Bachelor’s
…show more content…, 2008. Web. 18 Apr 2012
The article is doing its best to explain that there is nothing different on a child being raised by two males or by two females, than a regular one male one female household. There is no stress related incidents as well as no abuse cases for gays adopting. The article believes there is no mental or emotional abuse such as a child being gay forever just being due to the fact that they were adopted by gays. The American College of Pediatricians wrote the article. They believe that is it a time for change in society and that the perception of gays adopting drastically needs to be changed. They also use the evidence of single parents being able to raise a child and another parent is only an extra benefit.
"Child Abuse and Neglect." Child welfare information gateway. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2008. Web. 21 Apr 2012.
This article talks about how gays and lesbians are adopting currently. Only two states clearly prohibit gay and lesbian adopting, while there are some who give certain rules for it while others let some couples adopt and some aren’t allowed. The site was created by the Department of Health and Human Services. The Sr. Executive is Wade Horn, whom has a PhD and is an Assistant Secretary for children and families. Their main objective is about the children involved in the process and how they feel about the situation whether it being adopted to straight parents or


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