History and Social Science Annotated Biblio and Critical Analysis Paper

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Annotated Bibliography and Critical Analysis Paper
Cheirieamour Smith
November 29, 2010
David White Theme: The Thirteen Colonies
Grade: 4 (b) Knowledge and skills.
(1) History. The student understands the causes and effects of European colonization in the United States. The student is expected to:
(A) explain when, where, and why groups of people colonized and settled in the United States

Annotated Bibliography
Fradin, D. B. (2006). Turning Points in US History: Jamestown, Virginia. New York, NY:
Benchmark Books.
Summary: This book describes how European settlers colonized America and founded the first colony of the New World, Jamestown. The book explores the life of the settlers in Jamestown and the
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The pictures help young girls and boys see what young girls and boys looked like in the colonial times. The author does a good job answering questions about what young girls and boys did doing colonial times. Along with the questions answered about colonial times, this is a good book to help introduce young readers the colonial times. This colorful book gives young girls and boys and opportunity to live in the moment of the colonial era and gain a better understanding of American history.

Nobleman, M. T. (2003). History Pockets: Colonial America. Monterey, CA: Evan-Moor Corp.
Summary: This is an activity book that allows students to travel through the era of the colonial times. The book provides facts about the colonial time. This book also provides hands on approach to learning about colonial times. With assistance from the teacher, students make pockets for their adventures through colonial times. The pockets are made from construction paper and are housed with information about colonial times and the activities students complete as they travel through the colonial era. The author provides a great opportunity that places students in the middle of the colonial era. The students are recreating their own version of the book and taking journeys through the colonial era with the help of the author. The book also offers an opportunity for students do activities