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Outcome 5 Assessment
For change to be managed within Alphabet Games, management must first be able to understand what the causes, impact and consequences are. The cause for change within Alphabet Games is that is not able to compete with competitors such as Sony and Microsoft and consumer demands are changing. This is due to the front loading costs giving these companies the upper hand in software development. The impact if Alphabet Games don't change will be that they will lose market share and profits and this could in turn lead to job loses within the company. The consequence will eventually be the closure of the company as it was unable to compete or diversify there products.
Alphabet Games are using an action centered
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If there is balance between the forces then there will be no need for change. Below is a diagram of the forces.

Alphabet Games may minimize and overcome resistance to any changes by using Kotter and Schlesingrs six change approach model. The six change approaches are:
Facilitation & Support
This can occur when staff members are resisting change because of adjustment problems. The managers within Alphabet Games can repel resistance from staff members by providing them with support during the transition period, this may come in the form of training or even counselling. The issue with this approach is that it can be time consuming and costly.
Participation & Involvement
If managers within Alphabet Games involve staff members and let them help in the shaping of the change, it will increase the chances of them accepting it rather than resisting change.Resistance to change may not be high within Alphabet Games as they are remaining a software development company. This approach will be cost effective and may also speed up the transition process.
Explicit & Implicit Coercion
If managers within Alphabet Games force employees into accepting change by threatening potential job loses and no promotions if there is resistance, then staff motivation, morale and job satisfaction will decrease amongst employees. Although this approach ensures rapid change it may result in the company having a high staff turnover as


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