Research Statistics and Psychology Paper

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Research Statistics and Psychology Paper
Roberta Parker
June 10, 2011
Dr. Julie Wilson

Research Statistics and Psychology Paper
Research plays a major role in psychology, which research is understood through statistics. Psychologists depend on research to understand theories and to understand how people behave, think, and feel. Research needs to be organized to be understood by psychologists; therefore statistics help organize the information and make the connection between the research and group of people. A strong connection exists between research, statistics, and psychology, which helps others understand how, parts of psychology because the information is broken down. “Psychologists use statistical methods to help them
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Secondary sources consist of comments on, understandings of, or thoughts about the original material. You can think of secondary sources as second-hand information. If I tell you something, I am the primary source. If you tell someone else what I told you, you are the secondary source. Secondary source materials can be articles in newspapers or popular magazines, book or movie reviews, or articles found in scholarly journals that debate or evaluate someone else's original research.
An operational definition recognizes one or more given observable conditions or events and tells the researcher how to measure that event. Typically, there are several operational definition chances for variables and values. The operation selected will often have an direct impact on the course of the research, especially the findings.
Before we can measure a variable, we need to know exactly what it is. For example, if we wish to examine the relationship between grade point average and library use, we must be able to define "grade point average" and "library use."

Conclusion In conclusion, statistics play a vital role in the scientific method; in chief, lead to light patterns that elucidate hypothesized causality. Furthermore, the scientific method is the major tool through which scientific research is approved in the area of psychology. Scientific research can also be classified as qualitative or quantitative, statistical or implied, respectively; and even though primary data is


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