Ais Project

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1.(4 points) When should you log off the SAP system and why?
when I am finish using the SAP system, I must log off.
Because if I don’t log off the system, someone may enter the system behind me and do something that I don’t want to do in my system.

2.(2 points) What is the check mark icon on the Standard Tool bar used for? What is the white box at the top left of the SAP system used for?
Answer :
You can click it to enter the transaction you type.
You can enter any transactions for easy access.

3.(2 points) What is a “robust” password? Why is password control important?
Answer :
(1)“robust” password:
Easy to remember but difficult to guess
6 – 8 characters in length (prefer 8)
No repeating
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These entries will show you the debits and credits that happened “behind the scenes”. Do a screen print of each of them as follows. PART A: (2 points) Show what happens when we send the goods to the customer. PART B: (2 points) Show the accounting entry when we invoice the customer. PART C: (2 points) Show the accounting entry when we are paid by the customer. PART D: (2 points) Explain how the SAP system records the accounting entries into the general ledger for accounts receivable.

When we send the goods to customer, inventory account decreases and cost of goods sold account increases. When we invoice the customer, accounts receivable increases and revenue from sales also increases. When we are paid, account receivable decreases and bank account increases.

5. (6 points) Part A: In your words, briefly explain what you just did in exercises 1 – 20. Part B: How do these exercises demonstrate integration of SAP’s accounting information system with a companies’ entire information system, give specific examples of the integration of accounting with the ERP system overall.
What I just did in exercises 1-20 is completing a order-to-cash process and purchase-to-pay process in SAP. First I created vendor, material, customer master data. Then I did the order-to-cash


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