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Module 2 – Assignment 3
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Additional Information
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> 3,000 AIDS patients
< $700 per AIDS

The executive management team met in early January 2013 to brainstorm ideas and strategies for achieving the new mandate and targets. The following are excerpts from this meeting.
Dr. Green: The first order of business is to welcome Wayne Ryce, the newly appointed
Director, AIDS Projects. Wayne has extensive experience fighting AIDS in South Africa with an NGO that has recently ceased all operations. He has already done some preliminary investigation into potential projects. I expect that you will all give him your full support and cooperation.
Ryce: I’ve talked to some of the government officials from a few of the African and Asian countries where a high proportion of the population is affected by AIDS, as well as some
CIDA officials. They agree that the greatest need is for medical clinics to be established and operated in some of the rural areas where AIDS has significantly reduced the young adult population, leaving children in the care of impoverished grandparents.
These communities need to be educated in methods of preventing AIDS, and a significant proportion of their populations needs AIDS treatment. Another possibility for fighting AIDS is to send out travelling groups of health care workers to rural and remote areas so that they can test the local population for AIDS and dispense antiretroviral
(ARV) drugs to treat those who are afflicted. I’ll put together some details