African-American History Research Paper

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Question 1: Utilizing specific examples from both books, explain how the actions of African Americans damaged the institution of slavery and ultimately led to its demise.

African Americans damages the institute of slavery by escaping and participating in rebellions. On average, 1,000 slaves escaped per year. They wanted freedom so bad that they took the chance of being caught and whipped by their masters. Harriet Tubman was a slave who ran away and returned to plantations several times to rescue the rest of her family, as well as other slaves. It is said that she returned nineteen times and rescued more than 300 slaves. (Kelley and Lewis 2005, 194) The Underground Railroad also contributed to the damaging of the institution of
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Therefore, they didn’t want to lose the support of South Carolina and Georgia. The Foster report did not pass. All the principles of abolishing slavery were gone. The material interests outweighed the ending of something so inhumane and morally wrong: slavery. Whites demonstrated that they had no desire for a biracial community. Blacks were not welcome amongst many whites. Hostility occurred frequently. Ferdinando Fairfax’s proposed plan would allow slaves to develop skills and behavioral patterns so they would be accepted by whites. Although he knew Virginian’s wouldn’t accept them, he excluded them from many things like voting, owning guns and buying houses. Therefore, they wouldn’t exactly be “free”. He felt this would cause blacks to voluntarily move away to the west or Spanish territories. The social and economic issues were worked around in many proposals, but nothing was agreed on and slavery continued.

Question 4: Religion was central to the way early Americans thought about political issues of their time. Using primary sources found between pages 89 and 201 of Race and Revolution, identify how religion was utilized by abolitionists to support their arguments against slavery.

Religion was utilized by abolitionists to support their arguments against slavery. Many abolitionists cited religious quotes and statements in their writings and speeches about slavery. David Cooper writes about how our creator made us all free


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