Historical Report on Race Eth/125

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Historical Report on Race
Jim, it was great to hear from you after so many years of us not getting in touch with each other. You mentioned in your last letter that you were writing a research paper on the African American history in the United States, and you were hoping I could share some of my experiences and knowledge of my race for your paper. I would love to offer my insight to you for your research.
You may be surprised to find out that the first Africans came to North America a full year before the Mayflower ever landed at Plymouth Rock. The first slave cargo arrived in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1619 with Africans that forced to aid in the production process of tobacco (History, 2013). Slavery grew over the next two hundred
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Several groups at the time of these laws fought very hard to abolish them. The groups included: The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), and The National Associated for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).
Eventually, and ironically this has been a more recent series of events, African American’s have been brought to an equal level of the “white” populous. Groups like the NAACP and CORE fought hard for what is known today as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which made sure that everyone has the same rights regardless of race or color ("Religion and Politics in the Sixties: The Churches and the Civil Rights Act of 1964," 1990). The following year the Voting Rights Act of 1965 came about which granted everyone the same voting rights, again regardless of race or color. Both of these Acts were huge steps forward in ensuring the equal and fair treatment of all humans in the United States no matter who they were.
As you can probably tell, I am aware of my past and passionate about my future. The African American people have endured much hardship in this country and it has all come with a price, but the steps of progression have been made toward a positive future. There is still racial tensions and discrimination, but it has been lessened by laws that are forcing people to treat everyone equally. With continued vigilance and education, hopefully we will all