Demographics and Data Collection Methodology

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Reading Research Literature #3 – Week 6
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Title: RRL#3
Name: Jennifer Shrader
The following questions pertain to: McMillan, S. C., & Small, B. J. (2007). Using the COPE intervention for family caregivers to improve symptoms of hospice homecare patients. Oncology Nursing Forum, 34(2), 313-21. 1) Describe the data collection methodology. What instruments were used? Within 24-48 hours after hospice admission,
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6) Were there any inferential tests used in the analysis of data in this study? If so, what were they? The researchers employed random effects regression models to the data to examine longitudinal changes in the outcomes across the three measurement times.

7) Discuss the use of any figures, graphs and tables. Was the information conveyed in an understandable and meaningful way? Figure 1, Progression of Patients through the study provided an easy to understand model of the dyads and their activity at each time point. Table 1, Baseline Demographic Characteristics by Intervention Group, and Table 2, Summary of Random Effects Models Over the Follow Up Period, as a Function of Intervention Group Status is not as easy to understand by the general public. One would have to be educated in statistics in order to understand the statistical symbols and what they represent. Figure 2, Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale Scores Across the Follow Up Period by Intervention Group, is an easy to read and dramatic way to display the results of the research.

The following questions pertain to: Rosedale, M., & Fu, M. R. (2010). Confronting the unexpected: Temporal, situational, and attributive dimensions of distressing symptom experience for breast cancer survivors. Oncology Nursing Forum, 37(1), 28-33.

1) Describe the data collection


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