Nuit of the Living Dead

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“Nuit of the Living Dead” by David Sedaris

“Nuit of the Living Dead” written by David Sedaris, the setting in rural France leads to part of the comedic element of this story. Reading this story very much feels like trying to follow an ADD chipmunk. There are generally several thought patterns running simultaneously throughout the entire thing. It’s a quick, fun, charmingly quirky read. One of the most charming parts is the internal dialog of the main character that’s constantly drizzled through the entire story. It lends such a drawing part to this story; makes it very much more captivating. About halfway into the story and it started to feel so much like a peek into my own mind that I couldn’t help but chuckle a little and think to
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We all have the intensely awkward and hilarious chain of events that leads to the great stories we can tell later to our children. This story feels exactly like one of those. It has just enough exaggeration to make it wildly entertaining but not to push it over the top into absurd. The writer is very good at peppering the truth with just a hint of flair that pulls people to the edges of their seat in anticipation of what happens next. “Nuit of the Living Dead” is reminiscent of old men sitting around on a porch trying to top on another with their fishing tales.

The title of this story is what caught my attention when I was flipping through the story, but within the first 2 paragraphs I was hooked. I simply loved how scatter brained the character in the story seemed. There isn’t really one single train of thought going on in the entire thing. You’re constantly being bombarded by at least two or three different trains of thought or conversations or descriptions throughout. I had to put myself in check a few times to keep from giggling out loud while I flipped thru it. Once while he is describing trying to mercifully set the mouse free of its trap only to succeed in injuring it further. Growing up on working farms I can relate to trying to save some of the animals I