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China’s Relations with Africa and West

China’s Relations with Africa and West
The international relations between China and countries of the West and Africa have enjoyed a long standing relationship though at different levels. Since the emergence of the People’s Republic of China, China-West and China-Africa relations have advanced continuously, as shall be demonstrated herein by the deepening relations in economic, political and cultural realms. These relations have created a new form of strategic partnerships founded on political equality, economic win-win relations, mutual trust and social-cultural exchanges. The questions that this research paper focuses to answer are what is the
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As the world ushered in the 21st Century, it is evident that China and Africa had the mutual interest to further deepen their diplomatic relations and co-operation. It is for this reason that, China and Africa jointly created the Forum on China-Africa Co-operation (FOCAC). FOCAC was able to establish new strategic partnership deals which were mainly aimed at increasing the nature of political equality, economic win-win situations, mutual trust and social cultural exchanges7. Within the frameworks of FOCAC, the government of China was able to initiate a number of requisite measures that would facilitate its cooperation with Africa, including eight strategic measures adopted in a previous Beijing Summit. To be precise, these strategic measures tackled a wide array of issues like debt reliefs, zero-tariffs and import duty treatment, development aids, encouragement of investments, concessional loans, public health and medical intervention, human capital transfers and science and technology. These relations triggered further reforms which led to the creations of China-Africa Joint Chamber of Commerce to deal will specific bilateral relations. Further, reforms are continually been development to better the relations between China and Africa which are mainly adopted during ministerial conferences of FOCAC8.
According to Shinn 2012, the period 2000-2009 marked a significant growth of China- Africa relations especially in trade and economic relations.


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