1960's an Interdisciplinary Approach

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The year is 2325 and this researcher has come upon a time capsule entombed beneath a long forgotten memorial in Washington D.C. When this researcher opened the time capsule there was a note dated December 31, 1969 that read “Within this time capsule is evidence of a time gone by but within it is our hope for the future and we are hoping that whomever reads this in the future sees that our ideas about a peaceful, accepting and proud America have held true in the time that you open this humble box”.
This researcher removed five items all from the decade of the 1960’s; that hold great significance to the decade. The first item is a reel of film labeled “Walter Cronkite: Man on the Moon”. The second item was a bit curious; this item was a
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The third item found herein is the arrest records for a woman named Rosa Parks. The document dated December 1, 1955 at 7:00pm states that officers D.W. Mixon and F. B. Day arrived at the bus stop in front of the Empire Theatre on Montgomery Street because “the bus operator said a colored female sitting in the white section of the bus, and would not move back” (Bredhoff, 1999). The record further went on to describe Mrs. Parks as a 5’3” woman, her nationality as Negro and her place of business as Montgomery Fair, occupation seamstress. The incident that lead to Mrs. Parks arrest for refusing to obey the orders of the bus driver and further violating city bus segregation ordinance. Further research describes Mrs. Parks as the “Mother of the Civil Rights Movement”; a time when black Americans were treated as second class citizens and not allowed to use “white” bathrooms or “white” drinking fountains or even sit in places that were designated “for whites only”. Because Mrs. Parks was woman of unchallenged character who was held in high esteem by all who knew her, she drew further attention to the civil rights cause. People rallied around her arrest and the African American community organized a peaceful boycott -- Montgomery Bus Boycott which lasted 381 days and gave rise to a


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