Museum of Modern Art in New York

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Museum of Modern Art in New York

Roxanne Briano The Museum of Modern Art in New York City is the world’s leading modern art. Its exhibits have been a major influence in creating and stimulating popular awareness of modern art and its accompanying diversity of its styles and movements. The museum’s outstanding collections of modern painting, sculpture, drawings, and prints range from Impressionisms to current movements. Moreover, there are exhibits of modern architecture, industrial design, sculpture, photography, prints and electronic media. The museum presently has a modern art library of 300,000 books and impressive collections of films that are shown regularly. The Museum is said to be the complementary of the Metropolitan Museum
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Further expansions were added in the 1950s and the 1960s by Philip Johnson. And in 1984, Cesar Pelli renovated the museums gallery space to enhance the visitor’s facilities and doubled the area. Plus, he created a 53-story residential tower on top of the museum to raise money to support the museum’s growth. But it was in May 2002 that a major renovation took place headed by Japanese architect Yoshio Taniguchi. The renovation closed the museum for more than two years that some of the collection had to be relocated in Long Island City. With this renovation, the museum’s entire space nearly doubled. The Peggy and David Rockefeller Building on the western section of the site features the main exhibition galleries, while the Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building on the eastern section houses an expanded space for auditoriums, classrooms, teacher training workshops and the museum’s archives and library. Also, these two sections enlarge the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden. In November 2006, the museum unveiled the Cullman Building. The controversy of the renovation concerned about its increased admission price from $12 to $20, making it one of the most expensive museums in the city. Target stores, however, sponsored the after 4pm Friday exhibits. Moreover, the architecture of the building was controversial, with critics saying that


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