Advocacy for family and Youth

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Josie’s Case Study
Josie is an 11 year old bi-racial adolescent who lives with her single mother. Josie has been known to have learning and behavioral problems in school, home and community. Due to her behavioral issues, Josie was asked not to return to her soccer team and is no longer permitted at their school program. While counseling Josie, she stated that she has been extremely depressed and she does not care about life.
As a human service professional, the ecological model that I will apply to Josie case is being able to develop a broad understanding of her problems. This model sometimes is referred to as person –in- situation or person-in-environment model, which looks at the individual client in the context (Summer, 2011 pg.71).
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Since Josie is a child of a single mother, it is obvious that she and her mother were living under the poverty level because most single parents are financially struggling. As an advocate, I will provide consistent encouragement, compassionate care and understanding that promote both self-esteem and self-efficacy. These can be accomplished while focusing on basic needs such as providing food, shelter, and good health care (Martin, 2011).
Raising a child as a single parent can be expensive. I am confident that Josie’s mother did not have enough to offer for herself and her daughter.
For Josie’s case study, any ethical considerations are generally created to protect and prevent the exploitation of the individuals who come to me when they need help. Most clients tend to look for someone who can provide real assistance. Individuals whose functioning is impaired and tends to benefit from a peer support person who can help them function better educationally, socially and help them become involved in helping them with issues of self-care (Summers,2011). Good peer support will help this client and it will help clients like Josie to formulate the small action steps needed to move towards her goals as she progresses.

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