Battalion and Brigade Commander Lead

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1. What are the organizational development challenges you face as the new brigade commander? What are three things you can do to address these issues and develop the brigade as a learning organization? Since my departure from this brigade two and a half years ago the brigade has changed in the wrong direction. While I was assigned it was a functioning brigade, which worked together as a cohesive unit, free of spiteful competition. I would immediately think back and drafts a plan of attack which focused on many of those things that made the brigade great at that time. I have several organizational issues which need immediate attention. Although the brigade transformed into an HBCT fairly well, including conducting this transformation …show more content…

Stress reduction will become a follow-on result of the many changes that I will make to the brigade. Through the leader’s calls, OPDs, NCODPs, most of the stress should start to subside. I will take this one more step and start instituting some good clean competition between the battalions within the brigade by holding quarterly brigade organizational days. Within these organizational days, my staff will construct and facilitate unit competitions for my commander’s cup. I will also include incentives within the commander’s cup, giving units more drive and motivation to win. Families will also be included and each organizational day will have food. I’ll stress the importance of families to become very involved with not only the organizational day, but their units too. Further, I will institute a weekly family day, where the end of the duty day will be 1500. There will be no unit activity after 1500 on that set day each week, unless it is mission essential.
Finally, the Command Sergeant Major and I will conduct a monthly town-hall meeting with different battalions within the brigade that includes Soldiers and family members in an attempt to identify issues within the brigade and letting them know their voices are heard. By doing this, I would hope to show family members that their opinions are important to the brigade, and if I can take some stress away from them, it


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