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Anti-Social Behaviour and Sexual Health.
UNITS: 105, 108 Explain the factors and tensions that may affect the ability of young people and significant others involved with them to address their anti-social and/or criminal behaviour
There are many factors in young people when addressing their anti-social and criminal acts, most young people will be quite arrogant and defiant in accepting that there behaviours have been inappropriate and will not want to listen. Some young people will not understand the reason why their behaviour is unacceptable because they are in denial and they would also have an answer for the cause of their actions to try and justify making them feel right. Other risk factors which may be evident is there
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Since I working at my children’s home I have become more aware of young people being sexually active, I have learned that the majority of reasons for them to be sexually active is not because they want to or ready but because of the pressures from their peers or partners who would be more than lightly be older and already sexually active. I also believe that there is a lack of education given to children/young people this would them to be aware of contraceptive methods and the risks that came if not protected which would prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases, also there is a lack of advice given to young people or places available for them to talk to.
People tend to think that age comes with wisdom and in regards of sexual health your age can most definitely play a part in your maturity; the younger you are the more you tend to be naïve and irresponsible and believing that falling pregnant or getting a sexually transmitted disease can happen to them. As you mature through age you develop a wider understanding of the risks and consequences of actions which can have a massive effect on their lives. Ethnicity and culture can play a big part of a young person’s attitude and behaviours towards sex as what you are taught during your upbringing can have a big impact and make a big impression on your life if a young person were to witness members of their family having children at an early age then it could


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