Access Plus Health Care Initiative

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Access Plus Health Care Initiative
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This report is a summary of all the findings of the Medical Liaison officer for the APHI board. This summary is meant to be a review of the feasibility of expanding into the California region. This report will review the history of healthcare in the region, the feasibility financial wise of expanding into the region, and finally how the government in the region has influenced the decision to expand into California. Refer to the appendix for previous findings.
Access Plus Health Care Initiative
Over the course of the past four weeks, the Medical Liaison officer has given the board a series of reviews
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APHI still profits, but doesn’t fall into the Kaiser trap of becoming too close to a state government. Competition will make profit for APHI not a state monopoly. The main focus here then will be to provide affordable coverage to the largest amount of people, instead of pricier coverage for a few. The goal is provide for as many of the 8 million uninsured Californians as possible and quickly because if California begins to offer incentives (and they will, they don’t have the money to provide for them) other insurance companies will vie for them too so it’s best to have a presence in the state as soon as possible.
By looking at California’s healthcare history, the numerous possibilities of making a profit in the state, and how the state government will contribute to making that possible, the Medical Liaison believes that expansion into the region would be the best logical step for APHI. The board has all the information it needs to avoid the mistakes of past healthcare providers and use the current condition in California to its advantage. By doing so not only will profit be made, but the board can feel good knowing that millions of people who would have gone uninsured otherwise, now will be able to have affordable healthcare and have their needs taken take of.

History of Health Care in California


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