Knowledge Management in Accenture: 1992-January 2001

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Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, the KM focus is on obtaining and synthesizing intellectual capital to maximize decision-making and innovation across diverse functions and disparate locations, thus enabling the clients to become high-performance businesses and governments. Far more than a cluster of simple processes, the KM program is also about developing and rewarding a culture of knowledge-sharing – encouraging collaboration among their people to problem solve and build capabilities, regardless of their location.
Industry Overview:
Accenture’s CD organizations are responsible for designing, building and running their KM system, supported by dedicated offshore
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Accenture grew very strongly in 2008 despite the economic crisis without reducing the manpower much. Instead they implemented a strategy where the working hours were increased from 8 hours to 9hours. So ultimately the amount of work, which Accenture used to deliver on day-to-day basis, was increased rather than reducing the manpower (Cognizant, 2008). The big plus for Accenture is its ‘continuous improvement process ’. It has set up a unit called GPTW (Great Place To Work) which helps employees keep off the stress. Arranging fun games within and/or outside campus, health check-ups, and ergonomics sessions for employees is a normal routine. Accenture has also been doing great contribution to society, and all philanthropic in its cause. Many social activities are performed within Accenture to help the society, which includes blood donation camps, donating clothes to poor, visiting orphanages and distributing goodies, sweets etc. (Accenture internal Newsletters, Oct 2010).
Weaknesses: One of the major weaknesses of Accenture is that, it relies heavily on consulting. Also, Accenture favors large-sized transformational projects, and not bite-sized service project capabilities. Its heavy partner-driven approach to sales does not scale easily to the mid-market. This has been a big-time weakness in many of the biggies in consulting and services industry. Accenture has always been targeting big projects and big clients. The diamond


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