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In chapter, five there are several points. However the biggest points are if the colonists should be independent from Britain, the colonists reaction to the laws and acts made by the British Empire, and the rights of the colonists. These points summarize the contents of chapter five of “Voices of Freedom” and “Give Me Liberty”. The articles in voices of freedom that are arguing the primary points the first article is the “Virginia Resolutions on the Stamp Act (1765)”. This article is about Virginia’s House of Burgesses making resolutions to defend their liberty they decided to approve four of these resolutions and rejected three. The next article is “New York Workingmen Demand a Voice in the Revolutionary Struggle (1770)”. This article is …show more content…

In Give Me Liberty the Foner writes, “a group of colonists disguised as Indians boarded three ships at anchor in Boston Harbor and threw more than 300 chests of tea into the water” (Foner 189). The intolerable acts caused one thousand residents in Farmington, Connecticut to make resolutions in response to these intolerable acts. One of these resolutions to the intolerable acts was “ That the late Act which their malice hath caused to be passed in parliament, for blocking up the port of Boston, is unjust, illegal and oppressive; and that we and every American are sharers in the insults offered to the town of Boston”(Force 92). This is showing that the British blocking up Boston harbor is unfair illegal and oppressing the colonists and that by doing this Britain has not only insulted Boston but the all of America as well. The sons of liberty as well had a negative response to the laws and acts that were passed and thought of it as enslavement. The sons of liberty wrote this in their article, “to unite with their fellow citizens, to testify their abhorrence to the diabolical project of enslaving America” (Niles 87). This is saying that it is time to unite and state what they think of the laws and acts and stop to what they believe is enslavement by the British Empire. Not only that but as well a call to action for colonists who also believed this. These are some of the negatives responses to the acts and


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