4-Mat Review Nouwen

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4-MAT Book Review
Esther Gooding
Liberty University

Table of Contents
Summary of book ------------------------------------------------------------------------------2
Concrete Responses -----------------------------------------------------------------------------4
Reflection -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5
Application ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6
Reference ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7
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Reaching Out was published by Doubleday Dell
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Concrete Responses
As I walked to the train station in London England in the fall of 1998, I thought to myself, “what in the world I’m I doing in this country”? I was a total stranger in a strange land. I was many miles away from family and friends and I felt so alone. The gray sky and dull London weather was an added dose to my feeling of loneliness. But there were so many people around me. Everywhere I went there seem to be a sea of people. The markets were busting with shoppers. A multitude of people rushing for the trains, as the warning goes out “mind the gap”. Yet I felt so alone. I sort solitude in my place of work and Sunday church services.
I was mad at my husband for leaving my behind alone. But I had a program to complete. I was mad at God for letting my husband leave me here. I could hear his voice in the darkness of the night as I lie in bed alone, “It is only a year, we will be together soon, and I come every four months until you finish school”. How could he leave me here alone? The patients that I cared for at the hospital brought meaning to my existance. As I listened to their stories, I realized that God had brought me to this place for a reason. I began to open my heart and invited others into my space. Now I had friends at work, church, and my community. I found myself having Sunday dinners with those who were once strangers and were now friends. I prayed daily, I keep the faith and my year did come to completion. My relationship