Review Paper: Frozen

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Reaction Paper: Frozen

Frozen is a computer-animated musical story produced Walt Disney Animations and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The story is loosely based on Hans Andersen’s story, ‘The Snow Queen’. In summary, the animated musical revolves around the relationship of two sisters; Elsa and Anna who are both princesses of a kingdom. After the revelation of Elsa’s hidden powers, she seeks refuge in the mountains but not before causing an eternal winter to happen. Anna, the younger sister, tries to find her and convince her to go back with the help of Kristoff, an orphan living with a reindeer. Kristen Bell plays Anna while Idina Menzel plays the role of Elsa. Both are prominent musical singers. Actors also include, Jonathan
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Although we still have male love interests here, it is not necessarily a conventional boy-meets-girl kind of love story. Recently, Walt Disney Pictures have showcased movies that are interconnected to the idea of feminism. As a woman, this kind of change is refreshing from all the boy-saves-girl typical stories. I see Walt Disney as a marker of what type of generation you live in. They reinvent themselves according to the new ideals and social reforms of the people. It just proves that the idea of Feminism has somehow grown stronger in this age.
I watched this movie in 3D so my experience may be different from others when it comes to the aspect of visual arts. Even at the beginning of the movie, Walt Disney Animations has taken advantage of the theme of the movie which is mainly ice. The trademark ‘snowflake’ appearance of frozen was created appropriately. It is simple enough to be remembered by the people who watched the film. It also amazes me how the graphics of this film progressed from the typical Disney movies. You can see it in the simplest things like how their dresses flow in time with their movement or the detailed graphics of their hair. The scene where they are thrown in a winter storm also caught my interest. I believe it has to do something with the boat stuck in ice and it looked so realistic. Though, it may not be the best movie with regard to visual effects, it still has


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