Cja354 Week 2 - Criminal Defense Case Analysis

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Criminal Defense Case Analysis CJA/354

Criminal Defense Case Analysis

We all do our best to protect what is ours, but how far will we go to do that and will it justify our reasons behind our actions? Whether it’s protecting our properties and possessions, or family or even ourselves, situations get out of hand and we are faced with making decisions that could change our lives and the lives of those around us. The tiniest detail can determine ones actions as justifiable or unjustifiable. For Don Luis Ceballos and Judy-Ann Laws Norman their actions of defense were unjustifiable according to a jury.

Professor Joshua Dressler argues that the various legal standards for protection of the dwelling make little
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Mr. Ceballos was charged for assault with a deadly weapon, but was deferred to probation.

In the case State v. Norman, Judy-Ann Norman was faced with verbal, physical and sexual abuse from her husband John Thomas Norman for 20 years that they were married. In this case the defense tests her defense and it is questioned if Mrs. Norman was in imminent danger when she shot her husband. On the evening of June 12, 1985, Mrs. Norman took a gun that she retrieved from her mother’s home and shot her husband in the head twice while he slept. Mr. Norman and Mrs. Norman were married for 25 years, five years after they were married John became an alcoholic and began to prostitute his wife out on the streets for extra cash. He then started beating her. With the beatings, threats, and prostitution she was in bad place. On many instances, Mr. Norman would beat his wife for mere fun and if they were out with people he would hit her and embarrass her in front of everyone, calling her a “dog” and a “bitch”. They have five children together four of which are still alive. Their youngest child was born prematurely due to Ms. Norman being kicked in the stomach and thrown down multiple flights of stairs. Ms. Norman was tired of it all and wanted a way out but was too afraid, due to the constant threats of Mr. Norman claiming that he will slit her throat and cut off her breasts and shove them up her rectum. He would threaten to kill her if she ever left and if he ever went