NR447 Interview Guidelines

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Interview With a Nurse Leader:
The following is the purpose of this assignment,
Discuss the roles and responsibilities of a Nurse Leader in a selected healthcare organization.
Review the organization’s mission, vision, values, and beliefs.
Discuss the Nurse Leader’s strategic plan as it relates to The Institute of Medicine’s Quality initiatives and ONE of the following five core competencies.
1) Provide patient-centered care
2) Work in interdisciplinary/interprofessional teams
3) Employ evidence-based practice
4) Apply quality improvement
5) Utilize informatics
Articulate the role of the BSN-prepared nurse to support the strategic plan related to selected IOM core competency.
Articulate what was learned from time spent
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You may quote the interviewee, but sparingly. Do NOT provide a verbatim transcript of everything that was said.
Bulleted items may be used.
Practice Impact
Summarize specifically what was learned from interaction with interviewee. Describe how own nursing practice will change as a result of learning about roles and responsibilities of interviewee, the core competency, and completion of this assignment.
Scholarly Writing
Name of student and date of interview appears on Interview Form. Punctuation and sentence structure are correct. Evidence of spell and grammar check. Resources are formatted according to APA.
200 points
A quality assignment will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

Grading Rubric
Assignment Criteria
Outstanding or Highest Level of Performance
Very Good or High Level of Performance
Competent or Satisfactory Level of Performance
Poor or Failing or Unsatisfactory Level of Performance
Scholarly Resources
20 points
Specifically names two scholarly resources reviewed PRIOR to interview.
Thoroughly states how EACH resource helped prepare for the interview.
18–20 points
Names two resources reviewed PRIOR to interview, but are not necessarily scholarly in nature.
States how EACH resource helped prepare for the interview.
16–17 points
Names only