Social Psychology - Spin Doctoring

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Social Psychology
Week 4 “Spin Doctoring”

1. Which path(s) to persuasion is/are present in the global warming case? I believe that both central route and peripheral route paths to persuasion are used in the global warming case. Central route persuasion is evident in global warming because people are more globally conscious and aware of the issues concerning our planet than they were decades ago. People are more concerned now about protecting our planet and better informed, thus, global warming, its causes, and ways to reduce our carbon footprint are of great concern to the public. The hydrocarbon producers, one of the communicators, credibility is lessened against other communicators such as Greenpeace, because many in the
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Accessing the website of Philip Morris USA (PM USA), makers of cigarette brands such as Marlboro and the smokeless tobacco brand Marlboro Snus, it is very obvious they are actively using impression management to offset damaging publicity. Their Responsibility section of the website touts their commitment to reducing underage tobacco use and their support of cessation. These commitments are somewhat suspect to me as without smokers, they will be out of business and as to reducing underage tobacco users; those who are underage will eventually adults. Philip Morris USA seems to be talking out of both sides of their mouth with their statement “As the manufacturer of a product intended for adults who smoke, PM USA has an important role to play in helping to prevent kids from smoking or using other tobacco products.” (Philip Morris USA, 2010) Their website also shares how PM USA invests in their communities with corporate contributions that help resolve “societal concerns” that are relevant to their business. These programs are Positive Youth Development and Environment, specifically cigarette butt litter prevention. They also involve their employees with an Employee Community Fund. While their use of impression management is somewhat impressive, smoking rates are declining and public opinion about smoking is less than favorable. They can spin it however they would like but as a quote by Laney Davis in “Spin Doctoring 101” says “Facts are facts – and no amount of