Fiction Essay of "The Most Dangerous Game" and "The Destructors"

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The setting of a story plays a vital role when considering the overall outlook to which that story has to offer. In short stories, the setting can be much more significant due to the fact time has been reduced for the reader. In “The Destructors” by Graham Greene, and “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, the setting for which each story is written are completely opposite. This paper will critique the setting of both stories and show how the setting presents the writer’s intentions.

I. Stories chosen. A. “The Destructors” B. “The Most Dangerous Game”
II. The Settings. A. “The Destructors” 1. London, England. 2. Wormsley Common. B. “The Most Dangerous Game” 1.
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It is so dark out that the writer says the night was like ”moist black velvet,” (Connell, 1924) something that the reader could almost begin to feel. With the description of the night so in depth, the reader can feel a sense of fear and darkness of unknown. For me, I can understand the eeriness that this description portrays. I went on a cruise a few years and at night, it just seems like an endless black hole that we were gazing at, so I completely understand the description that the writer gave here for this story. Rainesford drops his pipe after hearing gunshots in the distance, and he attempts to grab it, however he falls into the dark water. Rainesford eventually finds himself on land and stumbles upon clues that lead him to General Zaroff’s chateau. Rainesford comes to find out that Zaroff hunts humans, and wanted to hunt Zaroff for 3 days. During this time, Rainesford make many traps in order to stumble or kill Zaroff, and the details included depict great detailed pictures for the reader. The story would not have been nearly as good without the setting in the beginning of the story. First, The story takes place at night, giving a eerie feel as to what is ahead for the reader. Also, the story takes place in the Caribbean, so when I first read about an island, I immediately imagined an island with many trees, cliffs, and bright green foliage. With these key setting details, the whole story began to unfold nicely as