into the beautiful north

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Immigration into the Beautiful North
Into the beautiful North, by Luis Alberto Urea, is telling a story of a nineteen year old girl called Nayeli who is encourage by the movie “The Magnificent Seven” to go to the United States with her three best friends. Their mission was to cross the border and recruit seven men to save their town, Tres Camarones, from the bandidos. But she also wanted to bring her dad back home. He and the rest of the men of Tres Camarones went to the United States looking for jobs to sustain their family. The author wants to show how undeveloped Mexican towns such as Tres camarones can cause poverty, lidding to one of the biggest topic now days which is immigration. Immigration is a cruel and hard path caused by
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First of all, leave the family to go to another country is a hard. And people like Nayeli who says “The Americanos will be happy we’re there…” (56), with the idea that the United States is a paradise, think that cross the border is easy and the life itself is easier in the north, but the path to cross the border is cruel, and violent. Not even the people from the same origin would help to each other, “you get out of here, Illegals…you criminals come in here, make me look bad?” The chef says to Tacho and Nayeli”(281). Immigrants are treated like criminals, but they just wants some opportunities to work and sustain their families. In addition, It is also shown that some Mexicans get to cross the border and want to stay in the united states but some others would like to go back home.
Immigration ended up being successful for some immigrants but other just wanted to go home. When Nayeli and her friends arrived to the United States, they like it and they can appreciate that some Mexicans had gotten papers already and work hard to sustain their family. This is shown when they arrived into the Mexican restaurant and the chef ask them to leave because they did not have paper. Some others would love to go back home. This is shown when Aunt Irma was interviewing men, and there were a lot of Mexicans who wanted to go back to Mexico because It is hard to stay in another country without papers, hiding from the police, being discriminate by others,


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