A History of the World in 6 Glasses Study Questions

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Introduction- “Vital Fluids” 1. The author’s main thesis in setting up this book is that many drinks have built and brought together human history in to what we know about it. 2. The fluids that are mentioned in the book are vital because each one played a role in many areas of history and they are a crucial part of creating a certain period of history.
“Beer in Mesopotamia and Egypt” 1. The discovery of beer is linked to the growth of the first civilizations because in both cultures of Mesopotamia and Egypt, beer was the main drink. It was consumed by everyone and was known as the defining drink of both of the first great civilizations. 2. The history of beer tells us that those people were intelligent enough to
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6. Once the Molasses Act was passed in 1733, Rum began to play a role in the American Revolution. Since the Molasses Act wasn’t strongly enforced in the beginning, causing the colonist to smuggle it, British Government decided to strengthen the Act. Americans were not in favor of the new law and rebelled with the cry of “no taxation without representation.”
“Coffee in the Age of Reason” 1. Coffee originated in the Arab world. Although there are many legends to how it was discovered, no one is so certain to how much of it is true. The popularity of coffee-drinking was first seen in Yemen during the mid-fifteenth century. 2. Coffeehouses became an important part of the history of the drink. Even though now in the modern world coffeehouses are seen everywhere you go, back in the days coffeehouses went through a lot of judgment. They became prohibited by Muhammad and went through legal matters in Mecca. Coffee didn’t stop there and began to move west conquering Europe. 3. Coffee influenced a new age of scientific learning and rational thought because it was a sober drink. People that drank wine, beer or spirits were less likely to do anything while sober people were able to think clearly and the coffeehouses provided education and self improvement within society. 4. Coffee was used to start the day off alert and awake so they can get work done while the previous drinks such as wine and beer were consumed to be relaxed and intoxicate the


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