Cinderella Transformations

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Cinderella is a story that is known to be the best fairy tale in the world. There are more than 700 different versions of Cinderella in the world. Throughout history, "Cinderella" is a story that is interpreted by different countries such as; Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Although the name, clothes, and other details alter in each story, the theme remains the same. In each story, there is an outward transformation of "Cinderbottom" to "Cinderella." In the French "Cinderella" by Charles Perrault, the Native American "Oochigeasw" by an unknown author, and "A Chinese "Cinderella" by Tuan Ch'eng-shih, all of them show the transformation of Cinderella from "rags to rich" because of her kind heart and dedication
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The step mother knows about her fish that she has been feeding. The step mother ended up tricking Yeh-hsien and killing the fish for dinner. When Yeh-hsien finds that her fish was killed, she is very upset with her step mother, but the "godmother" tells her to pray to the bones of the fish. In this story the godmother is a man that came down from the sky. When the emperor finds out about the bones of the fish, he took Yeh-hsien as his wife. The step mother is killed by flying stones because of the karma of treating her step daughter cruelly. The bones are buried when they quit working (Ch'eng-shih 633-635). Although this story was changed to fit the culture of the author, there is still a transformation of "Cinderella" or "Yeh-hsien" having beauty and talent becomes recognized. Yeh-hsien was transformed from a peasant who had beauty, intelligence and talents, such as making pottery, which were all unrecognized by her step mother, to a successful wife of a king.

In Charles Perrault’s French version of “Cinderella”, the Native American "Oochigeaskw- The Roughed-Faced Girl," by an unknown author, and the Chinese “Yeh-hsien” by Tuan Ch’eng-shih, the transformation of “rags to riches” is present. Different details are changed in each story to fit the culture of the author, but the transformation still remains in the stories. Cinderella has an unrecognized talent and beauty that

soon becomes recognized in the happy ending of the fairy tale. Cinderella starts


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