dangers of stds

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Nicole Amavisca
Ms. Dobler
November 11, 2014
STDs, also known as Sexually Transmitted Diseases, are an increasing problem among teens all over the world. As teenagers get older and become more sexually active, they are often not informed or misinformed of the dangers and consequences of STDs. Although there are many ways to prevent STDs, the only way that has is 100% guaranteed is to practice abstinence, and that proves to be very difficult for some teens. In order to protect teenagers from unwanted diseases, they must be educated about the social, emotional, and physical consequences that they would have to deal with. One of the biggest issues with STDs is that there are so many that take weeks, sometimes even months to begin to
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They often fall into bad crowds and begin hanging out with people who do not have their best interests in mind. Sadly, at a time filled with so much anger and sadness, teens forget about the people who love them and support them. Some teens are so embarrassed and worried about what their parents would say that they choose to not even inform them and ignore it. This is the worst possible outcome since many STDs will not cause too much of a health problem as long as they are dealt with right away. STDs are completely avoidable, but that does not make it easy. Practicing abstinence in today’s society is stressful and difficult with so many temptations, and the peer pressure from “friends” makes it confusing to teens who are not always sure of themselves. During high school, things aren’t always as black and white about what’s right and wrong; it’s important for teens to be able seek guidance from God in moments of confusion. When teens are considering performing sexual activities, they need to remember the consequences that they could be facing before they do anything they might regret.

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