Norwaycycle Supply Chain

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Supply Chain Management and Strategy
Assignment 1
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1.0 Introduction
Norwaycycle are a Norwegian bicycle manufacturer supplying bicycles to professional cyclists and those with a passion for cycling. While they sell their bicycles onto distributors they also have 8 shops of their own in major cities throughout Norway. They customize bicycles, run bicycle clubs from their shops, offer servicing, provide information on cycle routes and offer general advice regarding bicycles. This service gives Norwaycycles a customer base and promotes word of mouth.
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3.0 Norwaycycles Order Fulfilment Process
The order fulfilment process is one of Norwaycycles key supply chain processes. The order fulfilment process is the activities that take place from the point of sale with the customer to the delivery of the product to the customer. For Norwaycycle this involves the passing of order information back up through the supply chain from customers and retailers to manufacturer. It also involves the passing of information such as product substitutions and delivery dates back down through the supply chain from manufacturers to the end customer (Hugos; 2011). For a long time this process has relied on information getting passed on through telephone calls and paper documents such as purchase orders and invoices. When a customer places an order the company generates a purchase order and notifies their supplier to fill the order, the supplier will either fill the order using their own inventory or will source the required products from their own supplier. If the supplier is able to complete the order from their inventory it will transfer the customer order to a pick ticket, packing list and invoice. If it is unable to complete order from its inventory then it will obtain necessary products from other suppliers and the original customer order will be turned into a purchase order from the first supplier to the