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IMC Business Report | | For eighty years, in over forty different countries, Durex condoms are exceptionally known as the condoms of durability, reliability and excellence. | Written by: | Julie DoGeoff GilbertAnthony BoutrosJacqueline Tompkins | |

Contents INTRODUCTION 3 FUNDAMENTAL DECISIONS 4 Positioning 4 IMPLEMENTATION DECISIONS 6 Mixing Elements 6 Creating Messages 6 Selecting Media 6 Establishing Momentum 6 OUTCOMES 7 Enhance Brand Equity 7 Affecting Behaviour 7 PROGRAM EVALUATIONS 8 Measuring Feedback 8 Providing Feedback 8 Taking Corrective Action 8 REFERENCES 9


Condoms are a form of contraception worn by males to effectively form a barrier to prevent both partners
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An example advertisement by Durex that demonstrated this example shows a plain background with a few written text in the centre saying ‘To all those who use our competitor’s products: Happy Fathers Day!’ This advertisement not only feared consumers of being young teenage parents, but also suggested the risk of using other unreliable competing brand products instead.
Creating Messages
An effective way for Durex to succeed its promotional strategy is to create an effective message through various channels to reach the intended audience, focusing on their interests and needs, (Gardner 1999; Blackburn 1999; Upadhyay 1999). In the past, condoms main purpose was to prevent diseases or unwanted pregnancy. Durex has redefined the idea by changing their message and expanding their product range from ‘safe sex’ to ‘better sex’. Featherlite Ultra Thin was introduced because consumers feared that when ordinary condoms were worn it causes discomfort which lacks the overall pleasure and performance. The ultra thin texture of this product when worn would feel like the users are wearing nothing at all, thus achieving the ultimate satisfaction. The message Durex wanted consumers to recognize was that all their products would enhance sensuality, sensitivity and fun.
Selecting Media
As Featherlite will be targeted and broadly used within the younger market, Durex


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