Who Moved My Cheese Essay

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Who Moved My Cheese?

Before reading “Who Moved My Cheese?”, by Spencer Johnson, I scanned through it real quick and it seemed like a fairly simplistic read. I did not originally expect much out of the book with its sort of corny pictures of cheese and story about made up people and situation. Once I began to read it I realized it was a little more complex than a mouse going through a maze to obtain cheese. The beginning starts out with a group of former classmates gathered around discussing their current jobs and such. Then the story of Who Moved My Cheese is brought up and one of the alumni begin telling the whole story...
The story starts out with four made up characters, a couple of simple mice named Sniff and Scurry and two beings,
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At the other end of the spectrum you have the Sniff's, Scurry's and Haw's. These are the people that you want to associate with, they seem to be more energetic and overall happier than Hems. These personalities also seem to lead to a more successful life and level of wellness. One of my best friends is very similar to a Sniff, he currently works for a very successful company as a stock broker and is only twenty one years old. He somewhat lacks a social life of a twenty year old but he is working hard now so that later on in life he will become extremely successful in life and most likely be rich. He is very much driven by money and owning his own house, and I believe he will reach his goals due to his ability to know whats around the corner at all times.
The character that I think I most closely relate to is Scurry. I do enjoy most of the adventures in life like a Haw but I think I am more willing to change in an instant if I have to. An example of this was when I didn't make the basketball team in middle school. I was a fairly small kid and didn't think I big enough to play football. I was good at baseball but I did not enjoy it very much, and I wasn't good at soccer. I felt like something was missing in my life. That's when the varsity wrestling coach caught wind of me not making the team. He had tried to get me to wrestle before but I was into basketball then. So I decided I would give it a try now, why not.


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