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Assessment 2.
Part A - Case Study
You have recently taken ownership of a small convenience store. You decide to do a hazard identification walk. This is a report that you produce:
“Upon entering the store I noticed small pools of water left by customers shaking their umbrellas, and taking off their coats. There are still a lot of boxes of stock left in the aisles. Some are over 15 kilograms in weight. The work areas around the cash registers look very aged, with cardboard being used underneath one of the staff’s chairs so it remains balanced. Behind the cash registers cables to the computers are laid out on the floor. The electrical socket that is used for the printer / fax and the EFTPOS machine appears to have become loose. One of
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2. Develop a system for WHS recordkeeping. Include what records you would keep, and for how long. (4 marks) sets out the organisation´s WHS Policy and objectives establishes procedures to give effect to the WHS Policy and objectives assesses and reviews the effectiveness of the procedures adopted achieves conformance with the organisation´s WHS Policy and objectives demonstrates conformance internally and externally (certification)
The records should be kept for the entire life of the organization, in order to keep on track it´s improvements and conformities.
3. Devise a method to measure and evaluate your WHS management system.
(3 marks)
The measurement and evaluation stage checks that the system is operating effectively. Activities include workplace inspections, testing of equipment (e.g. machine guards), incident management and auditing. It helps to capture findings from incident and inspections and improve systems. It will be measured by number of accidents or injuries, percentage of identified hazards that have been actioned, employers training etc.
4. Despite repeated warnings about the dangers of leaving boxes of stock in aisles, staff members continue to do it. What improvement could you make to your WHSMS to solve this problem? (2 marks)
Every week an inspection will be made and a report created. For each non-conformity


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