Business Law

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Victoria Brock
Professor Martin S. Varon
BLAW 2200- Section 6
21 October 2014
To find your answers What types of rules are the Georgia Rules of Professional conduct?
Rules of reason
2- Should a lawyer abide by the client's decisions in all matters of representation?
Yes, a lawyer shall abide by the clients decisions in all matters.
3- What client information should a lawyer keep confidential and what is the maximum penalty for violating this rule?
All information gained in the professional relationship with a client, including requested information with a client, unless given consent by the client with exclusion to disclosures that are authorized or required by these
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50 hours of voluntary service
11- What is the definition of invidious discrimination?
Any action by an organization that characterizes some immutable individual trait such as a person's race, gender or national origin, as well as religion, as odious or as signifying inferiority, which therefore is used to justify arbitrary exclusion of persons possessing those traits from membership, position or participation in the organization
12- According to Canon____, judges should act in what way to uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary?
13- Can judges voluntarily testify as witnesses at trials?
14- Does a judge have any administrative responsibilities? If so, what are they?
Judges shall diligently discharge their administrative responsibilities without bias or prejudice, maintain professional competence in judicial administration, and should cooperate with other judges and court officials in the administration of court business.
15- Are judges allowed to assist organizations in raising funds? They may assist such organizations in raising funds and may participate in their management and investment, but should not personally participate in public fund raising activities.
16- Should judges participate in financial dealings with lawyers?
17- Can a judge's family members, who reside in the judge's household, receive substantial gifts?
No, unless bar related or general hospitality.
18- Expense reimbursement should be limited


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