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You Decide: International Case Study Andree Carmelita Pierre
DeVry University Keller Graduate School of Management


Mary Wright is a human resources consultant for a telecommunications’ company in Miami, Florida, whose company has recently decided to expand its operations in the Arab Emirates, in Dubai. Mary’s extensive professional background along with her dedication to the company has acknowledged her as a highly qualified candidate to support their expansion efforts in Dubai and has selected her to fill the role of VP of Human Resources and Employee Relations. The United Arab Emirates is a
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These enticements will not only encourage and motivate expats on moving but will also appease the variables which impacts loneliness. Relocation incentives is a great way to attract expatriates, candidates may be discourage from accepting employment overseas when calculating out pocket expenses due to moving incidentals, visa and medical requirements.
Proposing to pay for these expenses will attract new talent and encourage them to complete the on board process. Offering temporary housing as an incentive allows for new hires time to look for housing in Dubai without delaying their move and start date. Awarding retention incentives are a means of retaining expatriates and rewarding performance base prizes to employees encourage retention within the company. Flexible work schedule such as flex plan, alternative and telework promotes a happier work environment. In addition Dubai has attractive tax free salary compensation.
What impact will culture, mandated legal regulations, religion, politics, demographics, religion, language, and economic stability have on Mary's IHRM strategic development plan and approach in a new country like Dubai?
An active international human resource management practice for Mary to implement is based on the product life cycle (PLC) and


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