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Theodora of Constantinople

Kristi Moore
History 111
Professor Brian Carey
American Military University
October 12, 2014

Identify one important historical personality studied in this class through Week 6 and describe three ways this person shaped the age in which he/she lived in.

Theodora of Constantinople

Throughout history, there had been many people who had made an impact on the world and society in which they had lived. Many had impacted military strategies and political thinking. Others brought new ideas to the theological and philosophical realm. Theodora of Constantinople, wife of Justinian, broke all of the Byzantine Empire social rules. Theodora was born in 497 to a bear keeper for the Green faction in the
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No longer would girls be forced into a life of theater. Sexual offences against lower class women and slaves became punishable in the same manner as offences towards higher class women. Abductions of women of any class became punishable by death11. Women were not allowed to be imprisoned for debt, and if they were imprisoned for any major crimes, they were to be sent to a convent or only trusted women could guard them. These measured ensured that women would no longer be raped or be treated badly by the male guards.
Theodora was the patron of Monophysites while Justinian defended orthodoxy12. Procopius wrote that most believed that the royals would decide beforehand who would win their arguments at council, which most believed was a strategy to keep as much power away from the church as possible. As long as Theodora was on the throne, Monophysites had a protector. She opened one of her palaces to the priests, ensuring that they were protected. Her debates with her husband eventually changed his mind, as well. In the last year of his rein, Justinian shifted from orthodoxy to Monophysites. Although Theodora was already dead, her influence on Justinian remained until his death.
Procopius wrote and published other books in which he mentioned Theodora. This Theodora was a much different woman the one he had secreted away. By his own account, Theodora was very loyal to Justinian. She was also very brave. He recounts a scene during the