Tutorial 2 Professional Development

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Discussion Questions
1. Apply the ethical decision making model presented in week one lectures (adapted from Beemsterboer, 2010; Velasquez et al, 2009) to the case study.

a. identify the ethical dilemma
In the above case study the ethical dilemma is whether to give the contract to company A which is a fair option among the two or give the contract to company B because it is run by Nirmal’s friend Devraj.
And the dilemma is weather to choose fairness or friendship.

b. list the facts of the case
- The facts to be considered to decide who should be awarded the contract
• Company A offer is slightly better than Company B
• Company B’s initial cost are less compared to company B
• The expenditure on offer of company B is more than
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As per his own organisation his duty tells him to take the fair offer which would benefit their own company and its employees.
His professional association would want him be award the offer to fair offer and be unbiased.
His religious community would tell him not be biased and not to deny/ignore competency.
Nirmal has the duty towards his country of birth to help it and its people to develop and progress if he has a fair opportunity.

b. Apply rule deontology, using the list of duties compiled in your answer to question 3 a, decide which path Nirmal should take. Give your reasons. Mention the categorical imperative, and concepts of universality and impartiality in your answer.
An deontologicalist may utilize the clear cut basic will reason as takes after:
 Nirmal ought to further bolstering treat shares of the organization a furthermore similarly as he might want should make treated himself.
 Nirmal supposed to place himself in the shoes for both company a Furthermore b general administrator.
 Furthermore he might not need to be denied of her salary in spite of the fact that he is skilful Furthermore reasonable.
 Therefore, Nirmal if grant the agreement to organization.
c. Apply act deontology and decide which path Nimal should take. Discuss the appropriate prima facie duty (Ross, 1930) Nimal should apply to this case.
Ross gives a list of seven


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